Compiling full proceedings in PDF#

In order to compile full proceedings in PDF format, one needs to set up taln2x options in config.toml as follows (in [project.core]):

out_format   = "pdf"            # Output format

Overview of the process#

Basically, when creating a new project taln2x copies a set of files from its install directory to the newly created project directory. These files are used when compiling pdf proceedings. They include three latex templates (named pre-proceedings.tex, pre-proceedings-en.tex and single_paper.tex) and three image files (named by.eps, logo.png and background.png).

These correspond respectively to the template for full proceedings in French, the template for full proceedings in English (e.g. for date format), the template for papers (so that a custom header and footer can be added to them), the logo of the CC-BY license (which is the default license displayed in papers' footer), the logo of the event (default being the ATALA logo) and the background image appearing in the frontpage of the proceedings (default being a stained-glass window used in the TALN 2020 proceedings).

Please note that you can adapt these files to your needs prior to invoking taln2x build.

Please note also that you can optionally add, within each track directory, the following files:

  • sponsors.png (image containing the sponsors' logos)
  • credits.tex (tex string containing credit information)
  • message.tex (tex string containing a message for the readers)
  • preface.tex (tex string containing the preface of the volume)
  • committee.tex (tex string containing the committees)
  • invited.tex (tex string containing invited talks)
  • isbn.tex (tex string containing the volume ISBN number)

Miscellaneous options#

In the config.toml config file, three other options can be defined:

tex_log      = false            # Removal of latex logs
img          = ""               # User's image directory
language     = "fr"             # To select latex template

If you set tex_log to true, during the compilation of the proceedings latex sources, the log files will not be erased.

If you specify a path for the img option, it will be used as a directory where to look for logo and background images. This is a legacy feature, one should rather put the image files directly in the project directory.

The language option can be set to either fr (French) or en (English) and is used to select the adequate template to compile the PDF proceedings.

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