About taln2x supported formats#

The formats used within a given project are defined in config.toml (file located at the root of the project directory). Below is a brief description of the available formats.

Input formats#

Currently, taln2x supports three formats for storing papers' metadata:

CSV spreadsheets

The CSV structure (i.e. definitions of columns) is defined in config.toml (the default structure being the one used by the easychair conference management system).

XML documents

The XML structure corresponds to that of the TALN-archives.

ZIP archives

The structure of these ZIP archives corresponds to the one used by the sciencesconf conference management system (basically this archive contains papers' metadata in a file named submissions.csv together with papers' pdf files).

Output formats#

Currently, taln2x can build proceedings adhering to any of the following structures:


full proceedings having a table of content with hyperlinks and numbered pages (requires pdflatex).

ACL anthology

directory whose structure comply with the ACL anthology formatting guidelines.


(i) set of zip files and bash scripts to upload papers to HAL using HAL's webservice and (ii) bibtex files to alternatively upload papers to HAL using X2hal.


directory structure complying with the TALN-archives (such as this one).


XML file complying with DBLP's schema.

Documentation built with MkDocs and Terminal for Mkdocs.