Getting data and metadata from easychair#

When using easychair as an abstracts management system, one has access to a web interface to manage a given event (that is, to collect papers, assign reviewers, accept papers, etc.). From this web portal, one can get all necessary pieces of information for taln2x to compile proceedings.

Concretely, a few actions are required :

0. Create a new taln2x project for your event.

1. You need to go to the Submissions page (using the top menu) and do the following :

  • copy/paste the list of submissions to a file named articles.csv (while making sure that the displayed columns, in terms of order, match the description contained in the [project.csv] section of the config.toml configuration file) ;

  • click on the Download submissions link in the top right menu (highlighted in red in the figure below) to get a zip archive containing the pdf final version of all articles.

illustration of easychair interface

2. Then, you need to get the abstracts of accepted papers by going to Administration/Other utilities/List of accepted submissions and then click on the Show abstracts and Download the list links in the top right menu. You will then get a file named accepted.html.

3. Finally, you need to get the authors' descriptions by going to Administration/Authors/Email addresses and then click on the Excel file link in the top right menu. You will get a file named author_list.xlsx. Unfortunately, the background color used in the spreadsheets contained in this file will cause taln2x to crash with the following error message:

ValueError: Unable to read workbook: could not read stylesheet from .../author_list.xlsx.
This is most probably because the workbook source files contain some invalid XML.
Please see the exception for more details.

To prevent this from happening, you should open author_list.xlsx with e.g. libreoffice, go to the sheet named All and remove cells' background color.

Eventually, put these 3 files (articles.csv, accepted.html and author_list.xlsx) in the corresponding track directory in your project sources.

4. You can then compile your proceedings by (i) setting the adequate options in config.toml (in/out format) and (ii) invoking taln2x build from within your project sources.

Documentation built with MkDocs and Terminal for Mkdocs.