taln2x is a python program which aims at facilitating the edition and publication of collections of scientific papers (especially workshop or conference proceedings).

taln2x is a follow-up of taln2acl, a Python/OrgMode program which has been used to upload the proceedings of the TALN (French-speaking NLP) conferences from 2001 to 2022 to the ACL anthology open archives.

Basic concepts#

taln2x takes as input a set of scientific papers (together with metadata such as volume names, editors, publication dates ...), which have been collected either manually or else using an abstract management system1, and builds full proceedings either as a set of PDF files (volumes), or as a set of XML and / or Bibtex files depending on the target open archives2.

Basic usage#

'Gif illustration of taln2x command line'


taln2x is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.


taln2x has been developed with the help of Sylvain Pogodalla, on behalf of ATALA (the French Association for Computational Linguistics). It reuses code from Nils Blomqvist's easy2acl and Florian Boudin's taln-archives.


Comments or questions are welcome, and can be sent to taln2x's maintainer (Yannick Parmentier).

  1. At the moment taln2x supports the easychair and sciencesconf systems. 

  2. Currently supported archives are HAL, TALN-archives, ACL anthology and DBLP

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